vutivi foundation

VUTIVI NEWS FOUNDATION is founded by esteemed journalist Moipone Malefane and it is a non-profit organisation underpinned by a dynamic multimedia entity with a profound mission – to empower and support multimedia students who have graduated, helping them secure internships that lead to full-time employment within our newsroom.

Our vision is not only to excel in delivering news and information to our audience but also to serve as a nurturing ground for emerging talent. In line with this vision, we have embarked on a mission to offer graduates a chance to write news articles, gain valuable industry experience, and undergo specialised training in corporate copywriting. We believe that this holistic approach will equip them with the skills and confidence necessary to excel in the competitive world of media. We will consider students or graduates interested in writing or broadcasting business stories.

Any journalism graduate or final-year journalism student looking for an internship can reach us or send a detailed CV to